Earthing And Lightning Protection System

Earthing And Lightning Protection System by Prolux International

Every major industrial installation is rich in lightning hazards and short circuits that must be mitigated to help protect the safety of personnel, equipment, and keep the production process rolling on time and on track to meet deadlines.
For this purpose, Prolux International in Ras Al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates – delivers Earthing and lightning protection systems. These critical safety products draw lightning strikes, short circuits or any over current / voltage away from locations where your workforce, visitors, facilities, and sensitive gear and equipment are likely to be.
Lightning may strike twice only once in a thousand years, but it only takes one fatal strike to cause untold amounts of damage, injury, and even death.
To learn more about our high quality earth and lightning protection systems, call or find us online today. Prolux International is your leading Earthing and lightning protection company in UAE.