Ex Proof Systems

Explosion Proof HVAC Systems in UAE

ATEX/IECEx certified Explosion Proof HVAC, Explosion Proof Air Conditioner UAE (ATEX Air Conditioner), Heavy Duty HVAC Systems for the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries and other harsh conditions. Split A/C units / Package units to meet site applications. Customization to achieve positive pressure, chemical filtration, Sand filtration etc. Prolux International LLC shall offer design and supply of Ex HVAC

Ex-Proof HVAC

Explosion Proof Air Conditioner UAE

Prolux has a large selection of explosion proof air conditioner UAE that are certified as ATEX air conditioner. For best performance and energy efficiency, all inverter air conditioners use the refrigerant R32 or R-410A. Leading companies like Mitsubishi, Carrier, Samsung, and Daikin have been ATEX modified so you may work securely in ATEX zones. We offer a wide choice of advanced models, capabilities, and special features, such as redundant systems, high ambient models, and three-phase no-neutral models. The following page explains everything there is to know about the numerous ATEX air conditioners we have available. You can also get a quote directly or browse the products on the right.

All of our explosion proof air conditioner UAE come with an ATEX certificate and ATEX branding to ensure their safety. The ATEX certificate certifies that the explosion-proof HVAC equipment adheres to the ATEX directive. The following harmonized standards are used to ensure compliance: EN 60079-0, EN 60079-15, and EN 60079-11. All equipment is inspected and modified to meet the ATEX requirements.

Ex-Proof Shelters and Purged Containers

High quality explosion proof and Industrial shelters. Cabinet body use anti rust steel sheet, with anti corrosion painting. Steel welding body. Can protect equipments and reduce the risk of fire. Outside: Fire extinguishing system, access control system and Ex-Electrical Inside: Fire detection system, pressure relief system, temperature and humidity control system, lighting system, ventilation system and explosion proof control system Lightning protection system

Ex-proof Shelters and Purged Containers

Wireless Networking for Hazardous area

Industrial wireless network for end to end communication between various operation in Drilling, Refining and Distribution segments. Replaces wired optic fiber communication. Wide spectrum of applications, distribution automated distribution, process controls, remote office connectivity, CCTV surveillance, asset tracking etc. ATEX / IECEx certified explosion proof outdoor units (Transmitter/Receivers) suitable for Hazardous Area applications.

Wireless Networking for Hazardous area

Ex-Proof Surveillance Camera & CCTV

IECEx certified LED light fixtures with inbuilt IP cameras for monitoring purposes. First of its kind in Ex-Industry and the best surveillance product for hazardous location. Customization possible on Light O/P, Night Visions, Camera specifications. Explosion proof CCTV systems for Explosion proof Zone 1 / 2 ATEX / IECEx certified enclosures

Ex-proof Surveillance Camera & CCTV

Ex Equipment Selection

Selection of Explosion proof equipment as per Hazardous area Zone classification, Gas Groups, applications, protection type, MOC, corrosion factor etc. Our expert engineers shall assist you ion selecting the right Explosion proof LED Light fixtures and Explosion proof control panels for the right application.

Ex-proof Surveillance Camera & CCTV