Explosion Proof Electricals

World Class Explosion Proof Electricals from Prolux International

Today’s industrial environments and processes are as numerous as the solutions you deliver to your UAE customers and clients. Many times, operating in and around hazardous area  electrical equipment is unavoidable. That means, you need high quality electrical that provide  explosion proof power distribution, light, and functionality your process requires. You need it to do all this while remaining resistant to the threat of an explosion.
That’s why, here at Prolux International in Ras Al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates – we provide and deliver only the finest quality, most robust electrical equipment built and reinforced to remain stable and resistant to fire and explosion under all but the most extreme of environmental conditions.

Your Go-To Electrical Supplier UAE
Prolux International is dedicated to the proposition that industrial processes are inherently dangerous, and that producers like you are in the business of mitigating those hazards in order to get the job done and to deliver to your clients on time, under budget and done right the first time.
No one knows better than you that dust, gases, fumes, and other airborne and environments contaminants including heat and more all pose a serious risk of fire or explosion in a potential hazardous area. 
Call Prolux International for all your heavy duty, industrial electrics needs. No other Electrical Supplier in the UAE delivers the quality or the certainty that we deliver. Get in touch today to learn more about what we can do for you

Prolux International UAE Explosion proof electrical equipment ranges but not limited to,

  • Explosion proof JBs

  • Flameproof Junction Boxes (ExD)

  • Explosion proof glands

  • Ex Control stations

  • Explosion proof isolators

  • Ex-proof plugs and sockets

  • Explosion proof switches

  • ATEX / IECEx certified electrical

  • UL Certified electrical

  • Explosion proof Junction box assemblies and integration