Smart LED solutions

LED lighting survey & design
LED Lighting UAE
  • Existing facility lighting needs an upgrade ?

  • Your electricity bills are out of control?

  • Increased power consumption means increased operation expense.

  • Is OSHA / EHS recommending lighting level in facili ty?

  • Completely remove inventor y of lighting spare parts?

  • Dark areas causing trouble for operations at night?

  • Looking for a long term plan in electrical maintenance.

We can support on your requirement. Prolux International Fz LLC offer dest retrofit LED lighting solutions including lighting designs, ROI calculations, carbon footprint savings in line with client budget and expectations.

Smart home lighting
Smart Homes.png

With Prolux International Fz LLC designed Smart Home products you can control the main systems in your house or apartment faster, easier and more efficiently. Smart Home lets you control the light and its parameters and the temperature and humidity and monitor electricity consumption without you even being physically present in the room.

Main features:

  • Eliminates the need for a lot of cables.

  • Conveniently control your home lighting with just one device that you can carry in your pocket, a smart phone. 

  • Lamp holder-shaped receiver available which can be inserted in light bulbs sockets and eliminate the need for cables.

Smart warehouse lighting 

Better savings on utility Bill and a step forward to reduce carbon foot prints.

Upgrade factories, ware houses, storage / manufacturing units with smart LED solutions from Prolux International Fz LLC, UAE. We shall design your smart lighting system with daylight sensors, occupancy sensors, wireless control & Dali interface.

Low maintenance charges, high return of investments and environment friendly solutions.

Speak with our experts for free site survey and priliminary recommendations.

Smart street light
Smart Street Light.png

Smart LED street light supplied by Prolux International Fz LLC are customized to meet client applications. Street lights shall be configured with CCTV cameras and wireless connectivity for remote operations and fault finding. Offers flexibility of access and control your street lights from any remote locations, get notification in case of a lamp failure. Integrated Daylight and occupancy sensors. On top of above surveillance solution without additional infrastructure.