PROLUX design, supply and commission Off-grid and Grid connected solar energy generators suited for diverse profile of customers ranging from Industrial to commercial and residential.
With our linkages with the best of global brands, we can offer you a complete solution and guide in payback calculation, energy savings, planning and design.
We also have standalone compact systems including Solar Street lights, Solar Navigation Lights, Solar Garden Lights, Solar road Signs etc. 


Residential Off-grid Solar Systems
  • Roof top solar system 

  • Capacity Range from 3KW-100KW

  • MPPT Solar charge controller

  • Polycrystalline/Monocrystalline based solar panels from DEWA approved manufacturers

  • Inverters with auto switch from Solar to Mains


Solar Street Light
  • Advanced LED Fixture Lumen efficacy above 130lm/W

  • IP 68 MPPT solar charge controller available

  • Gel Batteries / AGM Batteries options

  • Customized battery box and mounting

  • High efficient monocrystalline PV panels

  • Bird spike options

  • Smart street lighting


Industrial Off-Grid Solar Systems
  • Capacity range from 50KW-1MW

  • Blow sand protected panels

  • Complete feasibility studies and payback calculations

  • Installations and AMC through authorized service contractor.

  • 10 Years warranty (Subject to terms)


Solar Landscape Lighting
  • All in one design incorporating PV panels, battery and LED

  • Aesthetic designs

  • Low Glare free light distribution

  • Solar Garden Lawn Light, Step Light

  • Solar Garden Motion Wall Light, Security Wall Light

  • Solar Flush mount ground Light

  • Solar Courtyard Light


Solar Road Signs
  • Installs on new or existing sign post

  • High intensity LEDs command attention day and night

  • Can be programmed to operate continuously (24/7) or on solar time clocks

  • Automatically adjusts light output for maximum visibility and battery efficiency

  • Various signs / Designs

  • Alerts driver awareness, increase visibility


Solar Feasibility Study

Lets plan now and save it for generations to come. We do site surveys, feasibility studies, ROI calculations and propose best suitable solar solutions for your requirement. Solar street lighting custom design and assembly to meet the client / project requirements. Systems shall be standalone or synchronized (on-grid / off grid) and with or without battery back-up for power storage.

Indusrial Solar Off Grid System
Indusrial Solar Off Grid System
Roof Top Solar System Residential
Roof Top Solar System Residential
Solar Street Lights
Solar Street Lights
Solar Obstruction Light
Solar Obstruction Light
Portable Emergency Light Solar Charg
Portable Emergency Light Solar Charg
Solar Wall Light with Motion Sensor
Solar Wall Light with Motion Sensor
Solar Step Light
Solar Step Light
Solar Landscape Light
Solar Landscape Light