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We Prolux International LLC

driven by a mix of young and experienced minds who knows the value of time, money and commitment. Our engineers love to work with your engineers and our commercials think about your budgets along with our sustainability. Lets share ideas, work as a team and win for us and future generations to come. We are keen to know what our client needs, understand applications and deliver the best solution for it. Always respect time, value and technology that drives industry.

Our Expertise

  • Process Knowledge
  • Technical Analysis
  • Personalized Engineering
  • Bespoke Solutions
  • Prompt Responses


Delivering optimized solutions to client either a standard product or a bespoke solution. Our area of expertise are in Explosionproof, Electrical, LED Lighting, Solar Solutions, Structured cabling, Telecom & Networking and much more. Prolux International LLC, always put our best efforts to serve as a single source vendor for electrical and communication products for our client. Along with our principals we are always commited to deliver the best service to our client.

Product Categories

  • Hazardous Area (Ex) Electricals
  • LED Lighting
  • Industrial Electrical Accessories
  • Network Cabling
  • Solar Solutions
  • Telecom


Solutions provider with a flexible approach but rigid action plan. Our solutions are to ensure seamless operations of industrial process keeping in mind environmental aspects and energy saving concepts. With an interactive action plans, Prolux International LLC ensures safe working in Hazardous areas, reduce carbon foot prints and cost saving by efficient power distribution. Speak with our experts on all challenges you face in hazardous area or industrial electrical and we should have a solution for almost all of it.

  • Lighting surveys, ROI calculations, Carbon footprint monitoring
  • LED Lighting Design and up-gradation of conventional lighting with LED
  • Design, Supply and Installation of solar power generation systems
  • Ex-proof equipment selection and Ex-HVAC design
  • Smart lighting solutions

Prolux Battery Management System

Battery management systems are electronic control circuits that monitor and regulate how batteries charge and discharge. The detection of battery type, voltages, temperature, capacity, state of charge, power consumption, remaining operational time, charging cycles, and other parameters are among the battery characteristics to be monitored.

Prolux Energy Storage Systems

Foreseeing the future world with renewable energy resources, Prolux International LLC offers our clients with custom designed energy and power storage systems. System shall be stand alone with solar power generation with the PV panel generated power been stored in using custom design battery energy storage systems (BESS). With partnership with our renowned principals Prolux International LLC, UAE offer complete solutions as Li-Ion batteries and LiPO4 batteries stockiest and distribution with custom assembly of battery storage containers. We provide complete energy control and monitoring systems for solar PV power plants, datacenters, wind farms etc. Prolux International LLC, expertise in offering grid-scale battery systems for electrical sub-stations which helps in the storage and management of excess power generated by PV solar power plants.

Professional LED Lighting Solutions

Prolux International LLC has already proven our expertise as a LED solutions provider with great feedbacks from our satisfied clients. Industrial LED lighting, Warehouse lighting, Sports lighting, Explosion proof lighting, Residential or commercial lighting, any applications we got tailor made solutions to meet the client expectations. For LED retrofit solutions, we always provide with client lighting designs and return of investment (ROI) calculations, helps the high level managements to take the right decision based on the budget, power savings as well as the carbon footprint reductions.

Ex-Proof Customizations

With our extensive experience and lessons learned in the application of explosion proof electrical designs, Prolux International LLC has been delivering to our clients bespoke designs to meet the challenges in using the electrical equipment or components in a potentially hazardous areas inside petrochemical plants and rigs. Customized explosion proof control panels are what we do as common. On the extended level we have supplied to our clients Explosion proof solar power skids, Explosion proof photocells, Explosion proof wifi routers and access points, Explosion proof HVAC design and supply. Any equipment the client needs to upgrade with Explosion proof protection, we will make a try, and most cases we have been successful. Share with our team your challenges and we will find a solution.