About Us


Prolux International LLC driven by a mix of young and experienced minds who knows the value of time, money and commitment. Our engineers love to work with your engineers and our commercials think about your budgets along with our sustainability. Lets share ideas, work as a team and win for us and future generations to come.

Our Vision.

Our vision is to incorporate innovative ideas and advance technologies in optimizing solutions for process and energy segments of an industry. An optimized solution must be energy efficient, cost effective with maximized output. This solution always values quality, money and above all the environment it exists. ​ As it says "Little Drops of Water Make the Mighty Ocean…". An initiative, how small it may be can contribute to the future and our fellow living things. We pledge to contribute our technical expertise for this.


Company Profile.

We are specialized in design and supply of Explosion proof, Electricals, LED lighting and Solar Integration. Also with our partner company, we can support electrical and Instrumentation installation and commissioning jobs.

Explosion Proof : Our Ex-equipment division supports in selection, design, and supply of electrical equipment's suitable for installations in Hazardous Areas in Oil & Gas Plants. Products certified to ATEX / IECEx latest revisions.

Electricals : We support in material take off, product selection and supply of industrial electrical products. With partnership of renowned manufacturers, we act as a complete project package supplier for electrical.

LED : We do state of art LED solutions for new projects and upgrades of conventional lighting. Our expertise include lighting designs, pay back calculations, product selection and supplies.

Sustainable : Being a solar designer and integrator we support in solar street lighting, roof top solar systems and stand alone solar power bank systems. We work with our clients from grass root level of project a with feasibility studies, payback calculations.

Structured Cabling : Structured cable and accessories for communication & entertainment systems and data centers. We offer end-to-end solutions in fiber optics and copper cabling with all accessories including patch codes, enclosures, cabinets, termination boxes etc. Products approved by major telecom service providers in region.

Our LED and Solar combined solutions can give fastest possible returns to client CAPEX along with best contribution in reducing Carbon Foot Prints.