Solar Power Generation

Off-grid Solar System Package Supplier UAE

Off-grid solar system or solar power generation system with battery back-up is a stand along power source which can deliver stable power to your load without support of any external power source (other than sun). Off-grid solar power systems with off-grid solar inverters are best suitable either for remote areas where there is no power transmission established or as an emergency power if in case the mains power been disconnected. System includes solar panels, Off-grid inverters and battery bank as major components and other accessories including combiner boxes, connectors, mounting frames, cables etc. The electric power harvested from sun is stored in the battery bank and the same been inverted from DC to AC and fed to the load. Prolux International offers complete design, integration, and post integration service solutions in off-grid power generation systems in UAE, rest of Middle East as well as Africa.

With partnership with our solar inverter, panel and battery manufacturer and the design inputs from our engineering team, we offer the best optimized solutions in off-grid solar power generations. As the solar battery charging cycles and dept of discharge (DOD) of solar batteries, plays key role in off-grid solar design, technically as well as commercially, we give extra care in design of the system with DOD maintained to achieve the highest battery life.

With no compromise in quality, we use solar panels, inverters and batteries from world renowned manufactures in Europe and Asia. We have full range of solar products to offer to our customers. Our solutions’ capacity ranges from 3 KW to 100 KW. So, our customers have plenty of options to choose from.

We have options for residential off-grid solar systems as well as industrial off-grid solar systems. The residential solar power systems capacity ranges from 3 KW to 100 KW while for industrial solar power, it is 50 KW to 1 MW. In industrial solar systems, we have blown sand protected panels and high ambient temperature rated and IP68 weatherproof inverters and distribution boxes. Containerized solar battery storage solutions are available for high-capacity industrial projects.

We do complete feasibility studies, payback and return of investment (ROI) calculations as well as carbon footprint savings calculations. We can also do simulation designs to identify the are allocations by solar panels for roof top solar systems. We provide installations and AMC through our authorized service contractors. Moreover systems offered with warranty ranging from 5 to 10 years warranty which is subjected to terms

On-grid Solar Power Systems UAE

Though off-grid solar systems are the best reliable standalone sustainable power sources, the cost of installation and maintenance of the same will higher as the material cost as well as routine maintenance cost contributes a high portion of its budget. On-grid solar systems comes as an advanced alternative for these. In on-grid solar systems, we can avoid the expense of maintaining battery banks. With on-grid system, the electric power generated from solar energy shall be utilized for feeding the loads and the excess energy generated shall be sold to the utility service provider. In the period where solar power is not available (in night) mains power will be fed to the loads. Users have to pay the service provider, only the difference amount of main power utilized. If the solar power generation is in high capacities compared to the load, there could be scenarios where the service provider will pay the user for the solar generated electrical power sold back to the provider.

On-grid solar system installations are possible only in areas where there is availability of mains power source from the service provider and there is permissions from authorities to to an on-grid power exchange. It is a cost effective or in some cases a revenue generating alternative power source and keeps very minimal carbon footprints as no batteries been used.

We at Prolux international, assist our clients in installation of on-grid solar power systems. We provide complete assistance in system design, component design, authorities approval, system installation and annual maintenance for on-grid solar systems in UAE.

The components, especially on-grid solar inverter we assemble are approved by SEWA, DEWA and ADWEA for on-grid applications. Also we offer state of art reverse current protection systems and relays for on-grid system to ensure on power back lash to the mains grid and vice versa. Speak with team of experts in Prolux International on any of your queries in on-grid solar power generation systems.

Hybrid Solar Power Systems

Hybrid solar power systems offers the flexibility of selecting back-up power systems in case the solar power generation is insufficient or fails to function. The brain of the system will be hybrid solar inverter which combines the work of a grid-tied inverter (On Grid) and battery (Off grid) inverter.

Hybrid inverters suits best for both home as well as industrial solar power generations. We can select optional power sources as well as back up sources as per the project requirement. Maintaining solar panel generated power as the primary source, optional power from mains line or diesel generator or any other power source can be configured to maintain stable power with minimal battery capacity.

Hybrid solar inverters for home usage can also be used at the initial stage as a calculator to identify batter power capacity required, as the user can start connecting the minimal capacity solar batteries at the beginning and shall be upgraded if the load or application demands.

Prolux International offer end to end solation for design, supply, installation and post installation maintenance of Hybrid solar power systems. With our local presence in UAE, we can be your reliable partner for your all solar power requirements.

Rooftop Solar System Contractors UAE

Home solar and roof top solar systems best suits for solar panel installations and solar power generation in villas as well as warehouses. Rood top solar systems can also be utilized in factories, manufacturing plants, showrooms, educational institutions, hospital and any other operations where there is available free spaces in the roof tops of facilities. Solar car parking systems shall also be considered as a roof top solar system.

Roof top solar system not only helps in an alternate power generation, but act as a thermal resistance on the roof top as the solar panels act as a secondary roof and avoid direct sunlight exposure of the facility roof.

We at Prolux international boast of our residential solution which is roof top solar system solutions. We are leading contractors for this type of solution in UAE and across the region. If you have any requirement of installation of rooftop solar systems, we will be happy to associate and serve you. We also take care of annual maintenance services and maintenance of solar roof top systems.