Solar Lighting

Solar Street Lights Supplier UAE

We at Prolux, design and supply world class solar streetlights system and solutions for our different range of customers. We are leading suppliers in UAE region when solar streetlights are concerned. We have an excellent track record in serving our customers with solar streetlights in UAE. We make sure that our customers are facilitated with state-of-the-art technology and specification driven street lights. We plan for you as soon as you let us know your requirements. Then, we design for you based on the requirements. Our team work closely with you so that your every bit of requirement and need is not left out. We procure materials from leading suppliers of high quality so that our customers are benefitted to the core. Our solar street solution comprises of advanced LED fixture luman efficacy above 130 lm/W. We have IP 68 MPPT solar charge controller available with us. We have options of gel and AGM batteries. Customized battery box and mounting are also a part of street light solutions. You also can avail high efficient monocrystalline PV panels. We also have option of bird spike. Overall we have a smart street lighting solution which can be specifically designed for your needs and requirements.

Types of Solar Street lighting
1. All-in-one Solar Street Lights
  • Most innovative ‘All-In-One’ Solar Street Lighting Solution. Available from 15w to 100w.
  • Light body, ‘All In One’ Modern and elegant appearance
  • All die-casting aluminum light body zinc plated anti-rust corrosion.
  • 100% solar powered, without electricity bill, comes with a remote controller to come true wireless operation.
  • Auto on at dark and off at dawn, charges in 6 to 8 hours and lasts up to 3-5rainy days
  • Easy to use, no cords or plugs are needeed, without accessories, 2 mins to compeleted the installations
  • Perfect modular structure design, battery, led light, solar panel are detachable, it can be easily replaced. Led power, battery capacity can be easily increased or decreased, convenient for customized specification.
2. Integrated/All-in-one Solar Street Lights
  • Solar streetlights tailor made for government, residential, commercial solar street lighting projects.
  • ‘All In One’ Modern and elegant appearance
  • Innovative adjustable solar panel design (5 angle)
  • All die-casting aluminum light body zinc plated anti-rust corrosion.
  • Perfect modular structure design, no wiring, easily replace the battery and other parts
  • Support Photovoltaic Power Generation and Utility Power Grid
3. Integrated/All-in-two Solar Street Lights
  • Innovative double-sided solar panel power generation high-powered all in two solar streetlight, built-in large capacity lithium battery, even under super brightness mode it can support 3-5 rainy days.
  • Double-glass modules with double-sided power generation, conversion efficiency reaches 20.1%
  • 15-year life of lithium iron phosphate batteries, more durable and long-lasting
  • Intelligent mode control, intelligent adjustment of output power in cloudy and rainy days, reasonable planning of discharge
  • All die-casting aluminum lamp body galvanized rust and corrosion resistant, adapt to a variety of harsh environments
  • Multiple mounting options for a variety of project needs
  • 10-year warranty high-end solar streetlight, the pursuit of performance and aesthetic release, your excellent choice for government projects.
4. Custom Solar Streetlights
Custom designed solar street lighting with separate solar panels, batteries, pole and mounting accessories. These are used for high autonomy applications and installations in harsh environments. Also the best suitable solution for solar street lighting in oil & gas and industrial plants. Speak with us to know more about the design and solution.