Smart Home

Smart Home Solutions

HOME… We can make it a smart space.!

We helps to automate your home.

Furnishing new apartment?

Upgrade garden lighting of villa?

Home wiring looks old and tired.. planning to renovate?

Take care of the kids and elders remotely,  while at work or at kitchen?

Upgrade security of home / office access control?

Upgrade to a smart living space, save power, save money and save environment.

We help our clients can achieve it with minimal investment, without interruption to existing systems / wiring.

Smart Home

Prolux provides end to end solutions to make your home smart and energy efficient. Intelligent and Smart home automation systems designed and integrated for convenience with a lifestyle uplift. Wireless smart switches, smart controllers, PIR occupancy sensors, smart locks, smart access control systems, smart security camera systems all the smart equipment integrated, connected wireless and controls at fingertip using a mobile application. The smart home devices supplied by Prolux are compactible to all major wired and wireless communication protocols including Zigbee, Z-Wave, Thread, ethernet, Bluetooth, wi-fi etc. Control the smart devices at home, remotely any where from the world.

Smart LED Lighting

Smart LED
  • Automate home lighting
  • Control lights remotely from anywhere in world.
  • Wifi, radio signals & mobile app
  • Upgrades and new addition of switches without rewiring
  • Zero rewiring
  • Set timers, dimmers, occupancy sensorsSwitch.
  • One-touch control of many rooms by grouping lights and other appliances.

Smart Locks & Video Doorbells

Smart Locks & Video Doorbells
Smart Locks & Video Doorbells
  • Password protected smart door locks
  • Fingerprint, NFC and remote access control
  • Built in cameras for face detection.
  • Inbuilt memory to store passwords, faces and fingerprint.
  • Save details of entire family and additional members we wish to.
  • Smart video doorbells with built-in intercom and Motion detection
  • Mobile alerts on identifying unauthorised access or trespass.
  • Most secure way for home access control.

Smart A/C and Heater controls

Smart A/C and Heater controls
  • Auto on A/C in the evening
  • Auto-off once wake up Auto Turn on Heater in the morning
  • Auto off once you leave to office
  • Set timers to auto turn on and turn off A/C and heaters.
  • Save utility bills and contribute to environment.

Smart Curtains & Gate controls

Smart Locks & Video Doorbells
Smart Locks & Video Doorbells
  • Control home curtains with wireless Switch placed at your convenience
  • Control using mobile applications.
  • Automate curtain closing and opening using timers
  • Automate to open curtains on sunrise and close it at sunset.
  • Remotely open garage gates using mobile application.
  • Tele caller facility on gates with video and face detection