Ex-Proof Electricals

Explosion Proof Electricals

ADNOC Approved Explosion Proof Air Conditioner HVAC UAE

Explosion proof electrical solutions locally from UAE to meet middle east oil & gas, petrochemical, fertilizer and various other industries where there is potential hazard of flammable gases, dust or liquids. Robust and low maintenance Ex-proof electrical in UAE. Products certified to ATEX / IECEx / UL to meet requirements of UK / European / American standards. Prolux International LLC can be your partner in all Explosion proof requirements for your EPC projects or plant upgrades. Prolux International LLC Ex-electrical range covers all types of electrical components required for an Oil & Gas plant or Rig ie. Explosion proof Junction boxes, Local control stations, Ex Switches and isolators, Flame proof plugs and sockets, Cableglands, plugs and accessories etc. We shall support as a single source electrical vendor for your oil & gas projects.

Stainless steel Exe Junction Boxes
Explosionproof ExD Junction Box
Explosion Proof ExD Local Control Station
Flame proof Rotary Switch
Explosion Proof GRP Isolator switch
Explosion Proof GRP Plugs & Sockets
ExD Aluminium Plugs & Sockets
Explosion Proof Cable Glands