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Explosion Proof Light Fixtures and Hazardous Area Electrical

Hazardous area or classified area in an oil & gas plant or any other industrial facility is an area where there is a potential for explosion, fire or blast due to the presence of flammable gases, flammable liquids with low vapor points, combustible dusts or any explosive substances. It is a very critical HSE measurement to ensure that there will not be an ignition sources, arc, spark generators or potential heating elements in these areas as it could be easily a source of ignition.

Typical areas classified as these environment are refineries, gas bottling stations, paint factories, distilleries, flour mills, drilling platforms, chemical plants, mines etc.

One of the biggest challenges to maintain the safety standards in a hazardous area is to manage the electrical equipment installed not to act as an ignition source. Electricity being the biggest source for an arc / spark the light fixtures, Junction Boxes, Glands, Terminals, Plugs, Sockets, Switches or any other electrical component installed in a potential hazardous environment must be designed not to be a source of explosion.

Explosion proof electrical and lights otherwise generally heard as flameproof lighting and electrical are electrical equipment designed not to make spark or to consume the spark by itself and there by protecting exterior environment from fire. Various types of protections and standards are followed in design of Ex-proof lighting and electrical for management of spark.

ATEX Explosion Proof Lighting UAE

ATEX / IECEx are globally accepted bodies from UK & Europe in certifications for Ex-proof products and in meantime UL certified products are common in US industries and the plants around globe following US standards.

Prolux International LLC in UAE supports our clients with complete solution on Explosion proof electrical products ranging from Ex-Lighting, Ex-proof JBs, Glands, Explosion poof HVAC, Flameproof lights, Explosion proof fans and various customization.

We also help our clients in selection of Ex-equipment based on gas groups, hazardous area zone classifications (Zone 1, 2 / Zone 21, 22), Class 1 Div 1 etc and type of protection like ExD, Exe, Exemb, Exi etc.

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