Network Cable Solutions

Copper and Fiber with Accessories

In today’s technology advancement, networking and communication systems plays key role in operations of an organization.High speed internet and cloud storage memories uplift the business structure and removes barriers of fixed work spaces. Also keeps data secures for life time avoiding paper filing. ​

The life of internet and smart office solutions are driven by the hardware infrastructure in place to facilitate the service. Hardware parts includes front end devices like PCs, laptops, telephones, CCTVs, access controls etc and the back end part, which is the nerve of the infrastructure. This back end infrastructure includes structured cabling and related accessories.

Prolux International LLC, UAE offer end-to-end solutions for our client's structured cabling requirements. Either for Optic Fiber cable solutions or Copper cable solutions, we offer complete component solutions. Scopes includes but not limited to Optic Fiber cables, Copper cables (CAT 6 cables / CAT 6A cables), patch panels, face plates, connectors, junction boxes, end-to-end datacenter solutions. We are experts in network cable management solutions. Best Telecom, networking, structured cabling supply solutions in UAE.

All products we offer are Etisalat and Du certified structured cable solutions. European manufactured CAT6 / CAT 6A cabling.

We also supply good quality cable management tools and devices. These tools and accessories give you and your workforce the ability to have proper cable management options suitable to meet all of your cable management needs.

At Prolux International in Ras Al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, our comprehensive list of high quality and innovative cable management designs are ideal to keep your networking and communication connection assets tucked away, and in good condition for the life of the product.

Our qualified engineers will be always happy to help our clients in selection of the right equipment for the application with better understanding on application and technical specification.

Please go through our website to know more or else our technical experts will be always happy to assist on any of the queries.