Solar Batteries

Solar Batteries

Prolux supplies all types of batteries suitable for storage of power generation from solar panels. We help our clients in sizing and selection of solar batteries based on the applications, duration of autonomy and site challenges. Speak with us to know more about it.

Major battery systems we deliver

Lithium-Ion Phosphate battery (LifePO4)

Best in technology with highest DOD (Depth of discharge) and high level of protection and charging cycles. Very low emission rates, environment friendly.

Energy Storage System

Energy storage systems suitable for capacities upto 300kWh from a single storage enclosure. Cluster of LifePO4 batteries integrated in factory as a plug n play solution. Best suitable for industrial applications.


  • Working temperature:0℃ to +45℃ / -20℃ to +55℃
  • Operating humidity:0~80%,No condensation
  • Thermal management: Natural air cooling/HVAC 2kW Forced air cooling
  • Communication mode: WIFI/GPRS/4G
  • On and off grid: Manual / Auto