Ex-Proof Equipment

We at Prolux International FZC LLC, specialize in offering electrical products and solutions with explosion proof protection. Our explosion proof electrical products range from Ex-plosion proof cable glands to custom designed and assembled explosion proof control panels. We are major stockiest and supplied for ADNOC, Aramco, PDO, KNPC, BAPCO approved explosion proof lighting products, Ex plug and sockets, Explosion proof junction boxes, Local control stations, Cable glands, Flame proof / Explosion proof switches. We also do custom explosion proof junction box assembly, local control panel designs and assembly.

We maintain the highest level of quality and design standards to meet the requirements of Oil & Gas industry, Petrochemical Plants, Refineries, Off shore and on shore rigs, Oil Tankers, Power & Desalination Plants, Food & Beverage production plants and lot more industries which has operating areas with a risk of flammable gas or dust content. All our electrical products are certified to ATEX and IECEx. On top of ATEX . IECEx electricals certifications, we also supply NEMA 4X, UL certificate electrical products with US standards and PESO certified flame proof electricals suitable for installation in Indian oil & gas industry.

Being a major stockiest for ex-plosion proof lighting and electricals in middle east specially in UAE, we cater as a reliable, cost effective, ex-stock delivery supplier for explosion proof / Flame proof lighting, electricals and equipment in UAE, Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Iraq and Kuwait. We are also major supplier and stockiest for explosion proof LED lights and electricals in African region, specially South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, East European supplier for explosion proof LED lighting electricals for Turkmenistan, Kurdistan, Indian subcontinent, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Explosion Proof Plug and Socket UAE

We offer a wide range of electrical plugs and sockets suitable for installation in a potentially hazardous area. We supply Intrinsic safe / Explosion proof design plugs and sockets, certified to ATEX and IECEx and suitable for installations in Hazardous Area Zone 1 & 2. We also supply NEMA 4X, UL Certified flame proof plugs and sockets suitable for Class 1 Div 1 and Class 1 Div 2 installations.

As per ATEX classifications, we got the range of products suitable for installation in areas classified Zone 1 area with presence of explosive IIC gases or Zone 21 areas with presence of IIIC combustible powders.

European manufacture, Turkish Manufacture, China or India manufacture Explosion proof plugs and sockets, we offer solutions that meets the specifications, budget and lead time the project demands. Prolux International LLC, UAE keep in stock explosion proof (Ex-Proof) stock plugs and sockets with GRP enclosures and with Die cast aluminum enclosures. Standard interlock plugs as well as mechanical interlock plugs available to meet the specific hazardous area classification.

Ranging form 16A power socket to 64A sockets with 3 Pole and 5 Pole sockets suitable for single phase and 3 phase power sources. Prolux International LLC UAE also supply portable explosion proof plugs and sockets suitable for usage in tank cleaning applications, temporary shut down and maintenance jobs. All standard models available in stock in UAE and ready to delivery anywhere in middle east (KSA, Oman, Iraq, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar) and Africa (South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria) within a few working days.

Explosion Proof Junction Box UAE Price

Explosion proof junction boxes are mandatory installation for power distribution in areas with presence of potentially flammable gases or combustible dusts. Depends on the Hazardous classification of the area on installation, characterises and density of the flammable gases (Or combustible dust) the explosion proof protection level of the junction boxes or enclosures installed in the area will vary. Considering this, Explosion proof / Flame proof junction box design, selection and assembly is a critical parameter and must be done by a qualified technical expert. At Prolux Internationa Fz LLC in UAE, we are experts in assisting our clients in selection, design and assembly of explosion proof junction boxes and explosion proof enclosures inline to the project specifications and Hazop studies.

Prolux International LLC is a major Explosion proof Junction boxes and Flame proof enclosures stockiest and assembler in UAE. We do Ex-enclosure selection, design and modification, integration of internal components including terminals, cable entries, earth links etc., assembly of the boxes inline with the design and SLDs and delivering to client a complete customized solution in explosion proof assembly certified to ATEX / IECEx regulations. With partnership with our Explosion proof manufacturer, we act as a local assembler for Explosion proof junction boxes in UAE with shortest delivery and lowest prices.

We supply Exe GRP Ex Junction boxes as well as ExD Diecast Aluminium enclosures and Stainless Steel ExD enclosures. Special painting or coatings for marine, fire rating or other applications shall be provided as optional. Ingress protections up to IP68 with a standard IP 65 or 66 (waterproof or water resistant) junction box designs.

We are also experienced in supplying Explosion proof junction boxes with special anti-condensation coating and breather valves specific for installation of active components inside enclosures. Fire rated and fire-retardant junction boxes with intumescent coating, high temperature application junction boxes, junction boxes inline with NFPA standards all available in our product range. We do standard wall mount designs as well as skid mount explosion proof junction assemblies for main power distributions.

Prolux International LLC from UAE supplies Explosion proof / Flame Proof Junction Boxes and enclosures approved with major oil & gas companies in the region including ADNOC, ARAMCO, KNPC, PDO, OQ, ORPIC, OXY, KNPC, KOC, BAPCO, Basrah Gas Company (BGC), Dubai Petroleum, SNOC and lot more. All the junction boxes are DEWA, FEWA, SEWA, JAFZA, Dubai Civil Defence, Abu Dhabi Civil defence and CMW approved explosion proof enclosures.

Some of the industries of application are oil & gas, drilling and refineries, waste oil or water treatment plants. Petrochemical plants and mining facilities. With competitive prices and prompt solutions and delivery to meet the project standards we have been a reliable partner for explosion proof junction boxes and other electrical solutions for our clients from years.

Explosion Proof Cable Glands UAE

Explosion proof cable glands and stopping plugs plays a critical role in maintaining the safety inregrity in a hazardous area classified atmosphere. Cable glands and plugs being the interface between an explosion proof enclosure (or equipment) and the ambient conditions, any compromise in design and selection of cable glands has inverse effects to comply the level of explosion proof protection. Also these are the components which gets most exposed for installations and reinstallation and maintenance purposes. Keeping these parameters in mind, Prolux International LLC always delivers the explosion proof cable glands, best in quality, easy for installation and reinstallations and above all meeting the high level of protection the hazardous area demands.

Prolux International LLC is major stockiest and distributor for explosion proof cable glands and accessories including shrouds, lock nuts, stopping plugs, explosion proof reducers and connectors. All the glands and accessories we supply are ATEX / IECEx certified and approved with major Oil & Gas companies including ADNOC, ARAMCO, PDO, KNPC BAPCO etc.

Prolux International LLC is Explosion proof Nickel Plated Brass Glands, Explosion proof Stainless steel cable glands stockiest in UAE. Single compression explosion proof cable glands and double compression explosion proof cable glands suitable for armoured cables, both are available from stock with shortest delivery anywhere in UAE, Middle east and Africa.

We offer metric standard cable glands (M20, M25, M32, M40 upto M130) as well and NPT cable glands from ¾” NPT upto 5” NPT threads. We also have explosion proof male to female adaptors, Explosion proof Metric to NPT converters, Explosion proof reducers and connectors.

Explosion Proof Local Control Panel Assembly UAE

Prolux International LLC is an Explosion proof LCS or Explosion proof local control panel assembler from UAE with custom design assemblies to meet the project designs. We do integration of active electrical components in explosion proof certified boxes inline with ATEX / IECEx regulations and make them comply to be installed in a potential hazardous are zone (Zone 1 or Zone 2). Our explosion proof assemblies range from standard explosion proof single phase on-off switches to skid mount explosion proof main distribution boards and local control stations.

Single phase / Three phase explosion proof (Flame proof) isolators, Single phase / Three phase explosion proof (Flame proof) switches, Explosion proof motor control panels, Explosion proof / Flame proof emergency push buttons, Explosion proof control stations with indicators, Explosion proof local control stations or any custom designed explosion proof control panels, we do the design, integration, and supply as per the requirements.

We do Explosion proof medium voltage junction box assembles in partnership with our associated explosion proof enclosure manufacturer. We have in rage stainless steel ex-proof local control stations and special marine coated LCS as custom design for specific applications.

All the components used for assembly shall be from renowned manufacturers approved with ADNOC, Aramco, BAPCO, KNPC, PDO, Orpic etc. Prolux International LLC is also experienced supplier for CMW, DEWA, FEWA, SEWA certified explosion proof junction boxes and local control stations.

Speak with our team to know more about our explosion proof assembly capabilities.

Explosion Proof Switches and Isolators Supplier UAE

Explosion proof switches and isolators and now mandatory requirements not only for Oil & Gas Industries, but also food and beverage industry, Grain and Flour Mills, Battery storage areas, Chemical storage warehouses, explosive storage areas and lot more applications.

Prolux International LLC is stockiest and distributor for explosion proof switches and isolators from UAE with ready stock supply and ATEX / IECEx certifications. We have explosion proof GRP isolators with standard design as well as customized ex-proof switches / isolators with die cast aluminium body.

Single phase explosion proof switches as well as three phase explosion proof switches available in our range with current rating rage from 16A till 1000A.

If the requirement is for switch disconnectors for hazardous area, explosion proof switches, explosion proof isolators or any explosion proof power isolation solutions, please peak with our team and we will have the best solution to meet your requirements.