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Explosion Proof Control Panels Supplier in UAE

Are you in search of cutting-edge solutions that ensure the utmost safety and efficiency in high-risk environments? Look no further, as Prolux International is your premier destination for state-of-the-art electrical control panels and explosion proof control panels tailored to the Oil & Gas, Factory, and Manufacturing sectors. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and technology, we specialize in providing advanced industrial solutions that meet the stringent demands of hazardous environments.

Safety: Our top goal at Prolux International is safety. Our explosion proof control panels are expertly designed to handle withstanding a gas or vapour explosion, making them perfect for sectors like oil and gas, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and more. These panels are designed to contain internal explosions and stop potentially dangerous gases, providing the highest level of safety for your workers and machinery.

  • Expertise:

At Prolux International, we recognize that safety is paramount in industries where explosive atmospheres are a constant concern. Our 8 years of extensive expertise in engineering and delivering as explosion-proof control panels supplier in UAE stands as a testament to our dedication to safeguarding lives and assets. With a profound understanding of the challenges faced by the Oil & Gas, Factory and Manufacturing sectors, we have enhanced our skills to develop control panels that not only comply with the strictest regulations but also elevate operational efficiency.

Precision in Design and Functionality:

Our fire-proof control panels are meticulously designed to tackle the most demanding industrial applications. Incorporating cutting-edge technology and materials, each panel is a fusion of robustness, durability and functionality. We understand the intricate nature of your operations and our panels are customized to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems while providing real-time monitoring and control.


In the Oil & Gas industry, where volatile gases and flammable liquids are part of daily operations our fire-proof control panels emerge as a safety lifeline. Our panels are engineered to eliminate the risk of sparks or electrical malfunctions that could trigger horrifying events. Likewise, in Factory and Manufacturing environments where precision is really important, our panels ensure uninterrupted operations without compromising on worker safety.

 Customized solution for your Unique Needs:

We recognize that every industrial setting is unique and common solutions rarely suffice. Prolux International offers fully customizable fire-proof control panels that cater to your specific requirements. Our team of expert engineers works closely with you to understand your processes, hazards and objectives, enabling us to create bespoke solutions that seamlessly integrate into your workflow.

 Modern Technology and Solutions:

By making investments in the newest technology and developments like smart switches or smart door lock, Prolux International stays one step ahead. Our fire-proof control panels include state-of-the-art features and function thanks to the consistent effort of our research and development team. We can give smooth management, automation and monitoring of your vital operations thanks to this method, giving you the advantage, you need to succeed in your sector.

Elevate your safety standards and operational efficiency with Prolux International's fire-proof control panels. Our team of experts is waiting to discuss your unique requirements and develop tailored solutions that align with your objectives. Contact us today to embark on a journey toward safer, more efficient and technologically advanced industrial operations.

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