Sports and Stadium Lights

LED Sports Lighting Supplier UAE

LED sports lighting from Prolux International UAE offers the best visual treat for your sporting events. We are stockiest and distributor for Indoor sports lighting as well as outdoor sports lights. Our stadium lighting solutions are suitable for installations in grounds for football, cricket, baseball etc. We also have mid-range ground lights suitable for games like Hokey, Volleyball, Tennis etc. Prolux indoor sports lightings includes area lightings for badminton courts, squash courts etc. We also offer under water lighting solutions for swimming pools as well.

LED Stadium Light Supply and Installation Dubai

With stocking and distribution from UAE, we help contractors and consultants to select the best suitable light fixture models and best design layout the suits with each type of games. Strictly following the international guidelines and recommended parameters for each game.

Following are our basic thumb rules that we follow in the designs and product selection for sports and gallery lighting.

The first and foremost parameter will be the brightness of the lights. We select LED fixtures with right beam angles and glare ratio to ensure the recommended brightness with minimal glare enabling proper vision for the players and spectators.

Emergency efficiency is the next critical parameter for sports lighting as the number of lights installed will be high in numbers and the lights will be operating continuous for long durations. Prolux International sports lights and stadium lights are installed with LED chips of high lumen output, above 150Lm/W.

Last but the most critical parameter with respect to budget aspect is the life span of the fixtures. Life span of the fixture not only has impacts on the initial investment (CAPEX) but also of the operational expenses as the replacement and maintenance of lights in stadium costs a fortune to asset owners. We always select maintenance free LED sports lighting with minimum warranty of 5 years, extendable up to 10 years for hassle free operations.

Various other parameters like color temperature of the fixtures, weather / corrosion resistances, impact resistance, quick installation design all will be taken care in our product selections.

Types of Sports LED Lighting
  • Led Flood Lights
  • Led Highbay Lights
  • Modular Sports Lights