Explosion Proof Junction Box

High-Quality & Custom Explosion Proof Junction Box

Are you looking for ATEX / IECEx certified explosion proof junction box to install in the potential Hazardous environment in your facility? Look no further! Prolux International is UAE’s one of the leading suppliers and integrator for explosion-proof junction boxes. With our commitment to excellence, technical expertise and experiance gained over years, we help our customers to select the most complying solution meeting the specifications and budgets.

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  • Experience: More than eight years of experience in delivering solutions in explosion proof lighting and electricals. Our team is well trained and well aware of the international standards (ATEX / IECEx / UL). WE have a key focus in solutions of electrical products for potential electrical hazardous areas. 

         Product Selection: We always help our client in selecting the right explosion proof junction box inline with their area of installation at site. Either installed in  Zone 21 / 22, with different temperature ratings and gas or dust group selections, we always discuss with client, know their application, and select the right product application. Its also critical to select the Explosion proof junction boxes inline with the heat dessipation of the components fitted inside. 

Extensive Product Range:  partner with our reputed explosion-proof equipment manufacturers,  Prolux International, represents an extensive range of explosion-proof junction boxes sourcing globally from various parts of the word. This provides us not only with the liberty of extensive range of products but also offering client the best cost-effective solutions in explosion-proof electrical product supplies. 

Customizations: These ex. proof junction boxes delivered by Prolux Internation will be fully customized, assembled and certified as per the client requirement. Our in-house or OEM factory is capable of drilling, integration of components, terminal installations and glands for Ex-proof junction boxes. We do customizations and certifications for both Exe Junction boxes as well as ExD Flameproof junction boxes.

  • Safety: At Prolux International, especially due to the ctiticallity of the applications to which we deliver our products, safety comes with top priority.In all the Explosion proof junction boxes we assemble and deliver, we ensure all necessary safety standards been maintained. Our checks include but not limited to Weatherproof sealing checks, proper Ex-proof glanding check, Flame parth check for flame proof enclosures etc.

  • Quality Standards: Same as safety, we understandunderstands that there's no room for compromise in quality in our business.products undergo strict quality checks, adhering to recommended certifications and standards.  The products been installed in harsh, corrosive ambient conditions inside the factory or facility, we always ensure the ight quality components been used in integration.

  • Global Reach: Located from UAE, we cater to our clients across the Middleast, Africa and Asian regions. WE also have clients based in Europe.Thanks to our logistics partners with strong coverage across the worl, this helps us as well as our client to receive our products without any hassles and at a very cost effective logistics charges.

  • After sales Support:  When it comes in protection from Flammables gases, liquid or dusts in your operations, and  safeguarding your employees and equipments from hazards related to potential always keeps our ideology that the our relations with client is a start upon a product delivery to client. Hence, we consider after-sales support to be our top of the list priorities. All products we supply will have standard manufacturer warranties and case to case basis, we offer extended warranties. Any warranty claims, fault findings on equipments will be attended with most high priority and will be rectified to ensure client has zero or minimal downtime due to a fault finding in the products we supplied.

    Fire or explosion Prolux International stands as your unwavering partner. With best in quality, certified and genuine explosion proof junction boxes and other electrical ,components available from our range,  you always get assured that the safety and compliance are not compromised in your facility operations. As we always lead the industry and are committed to delivering updated technologies and solutions.

    Join the ranks of countless satisfied clients who have entrusted Prolux International to protect their valuable assets and personnel. Explore our extensive range of explosion proof junction boxes, explosion proof control panels and other hazardous area electrical components
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