Alexa Compatible Smart Home Devices UAE

Prolux International LLC provider of Alexa compatible devices, Smart Home, and office lighting controls in UAE.

We are now glad to announce with you that, Prolux now offers smart home and office automation products for your lighting controls, HVAC controls, Curtain raisers, Door, and car park access controls. We do the complete turnkey job of your home or office or factory automation needs starting form initial site survey to design, installation and configuration of the devices at your facility.

Alexa Compatible Smart Home Devices UAE

Smart lighting controls offered by Prolux International best suits for retrofit installations and modernisation projects. All components used are wireless connected with Wi-Fi or RF signalling systems and with kinetic energy operations. The devices can be connected wireless without making any change in the existing wiring systems. The kinetic switches can even be connected without any power feeds, it’s self-powered and can be pasted on the wall without any drill or holes.

Prolux Wireless Kinetic Switch is designed to meet local usage habits, available with European, US and Middle East designs and configurations.

Smart HVAC control systems from Prolux ensure that your HVAC controls is on your hand tips wherever you are. With internet connectivity with your smart phone, the HVAC systems at your office and home can be controlled anywhere any time. Our clients have found this as a major cost saving initiative for office as we can do pre-set timers based on office working hours and avoid wastage of power.

Smart door access control as well as carpark access provides you high level protections for your assets and avoid external instructions and robbery attempts. It can also allow you to provide time-based access to your facility, that best suits for temporary rental homes like AIR BNB.

All the smart switches, controls, dimmers, access control systems provided by Prolux are compactible with Alexa or other voice enables control systems.

We offer self-powered sensor products for your home automation and your home or office automation is now on your fingertips. If you are interested, please contact us and our experts will be happy to visit your facility to do a site surveys and then take it forward delivering a complete smart lighting, air-conditioning and access control solutions for your home.