Clean Room Installation Contractor UAE

Clean Room Installation Contractor UAE

Prolux International LLC is a top-tier firm that designs, builds, and installs cleanrooms all over the GCC. We involve in cleanroom start from the scratch, work with our clients in design, application, foot print and progress and deliver the complete solution client demands. These are design and construction projects in addition to procuring and assembling various OEM components like cleanroom partition systems, HVAC, doors, lighting floor coating etc. Through cutting-edge design ideas and material technology, Prolux which was founded in the UAE in 2016, has assisted the development of high-end engineering businesses.

We Prolux International LLC knows the criticality of HVAC in clean room and our experts in HVAC ensure that air flow, pressurisation and noise reductions are well maintained in line with application in the rooms. WE are reliable and technically advanced OEM partners for Air Handling Units, Clean Room Equipment, Ducting, Modular Operation Theatres (OT), and Clear Room Puff Partitions. As we purchase high-quality raw materials from reputable market suppliers, such as copper pipe, pre-painted and GI sheets, aluminium sections, electrical motors, etc.

We focus on modular design clean room that can be complete designed, assembled and integrated in factory and delivered to the facility as a plug n play solution. Modular cleanroom systems by Prolux offers the benefits of short manufacturing period, minimal disturbance to the operating facility, 100% quality controlled and safety ensured manufacturing.

We assemble ISO 6, ISO 7, and ISO 8 Cleanroom classes of modular cleanroom facilities.

Cleanroom lighting is another area of expertise where Prolux offer as independent system. Our principals for clean room lighting offers best in quality light fixtures certified to use in clean rooms and hygiene applications. IP 67 or 68 rated water poof light fixtures with polycarbonate or tempered glass diffusers. We have both tope access as well as bottom access light fixtures suitable for installations in various ceiling options like dampa, gypsum etc.

We also offer fire retardant led panel lights that is sometimes required in critical applications like hospital lighting, pharmaceutical lighting, food industry etc.