Led Flood Light Suppliers in UAE

We are Led Flood Light Suppliers in UAE

We Prolux International LLC company's guiding principle is to design and provide practical lighting solutions while offering customers items that are in their best interests. We put a lot of effort into giving our clients, who have been and always will be our finest sales staff, the best project experience possible.

We are one of the top LED flood light suppliers in UAE. For customers in the UAE and elsewhere, we provide a wide variety of lighting goods. You can make a request to have floodlights delivered to your location. A genuinely innovative approach to lighting even large rooms brightly, safely, and affordably is using LED floodlights. The most recent models, which represent a technological advance, are made to brighten landscape, building facades, and advertising structures. Our experts assist you in selecting the ideal lighting solution for your project.

For applications that require nearly continual daylight to ensure efficient operation and user safety, PROLUX LED Flood Lights are the best option. We offer flood light poles with various height range that suits the area lighting applications as in construction sites, factories, parks, school, playgrounds etc. Pole heigh ranges from three metres to thirty metres, with options to meet any application.


  • Wide wattage range between 30W to 600 W
  • Multi modular designs available
  • High lumen output LED chips rages from 150-190 Lumen/W
  • Tempered glass, weatherproof suitable for high ambient temperature conditions in Middle East.
  • High transmittance rate of 92-95%.
  • Zero mercury content and best for environment.
  • Waterproof, IP65 rating.
  • L80B10 lifetime: 100,000 hours
  • Warranty: Ranges from three to ten years
  • Application: billboards, parks, streets, industrial plants, ware houses, playgrounds, parking lots etc.
Benefits of LED Flood Light
Sense of Safety: With the help of this outside flood light, your home will feel more secure. Floodlights in your yard will merely cancel out the effects of any other illumination, but when placed at ground level, they can be employed similarly to spotlights. If you have a large tree or wall that you want to light up, a floodlight at the base of the feature might be more effective than a spotlight due to the higher light output. Floodlights typically serve as security lights.
Options to Choose: You can choose from a variety of Flood Light alternatives from us lighting based on your needs. The length of the tree, structure, tree, or billboard that you intended to draw attention to must be known and taken into account. Please do not hesitate to call or message us on WhatsApp if you would want help determining which of our offers the best for your needs is. Shop with joy at Prolux International LLC.