LED Plant Grow Light Supplier UAE

LED Plant Grow Light Supplier UAE

We Prolux International LLC take pride in providing with the best LED Plant Grow Light supplier UAE. Since 2016, we have focused on designing, and supplying Indoor LED Grow Lights. Grow Lights to give them the best Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Technology and enhance the indoor growth. Only the best will do when it comes to grow lights for indoor plants. Light is a prerequisite for photosynthesis in every plant species. You need grow lights that supply the spectrum of natural sunlight for this crucial process to function. We sell LED grow lights that can accomplish just that.

Specialists in Growing LED Lights for Plants in Dubai UAE

All of our LED grow lights are energy-efficient and extremely durable when compared to traditional lighting. This results in cheaper electricity expenditures and less frequent need for bulb replacement.

Additionally, LED grow lights produce less heat, which is a critical element in shielding the plant's leaves from potential harm. Grow lights from the past can't provide you with this level of security.

The best grow lights you can buy will produce ideal growing conditions because they are among the most crucial parts of any hydroponics setup. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the best you can find right here.

All plants require light to carry out photosynthesis and survive, as is well known. Grow lights are useful, especially with indoor plants, to help better manage the amount of light a plant receives each day because plants differ in how much light they require to do so. You can now precisely adjust the sort of light you provide plants thanks to PROLUX International LLC LED Grow lights. From full spectrum lights for all-around growth to greater green or blue lights for various stages like flowering or seedlings. It is understandable why farmers are choosing LED grow lights for both small and large grow operations given the advantages of being sustainable and ecologically friendly. It is only logical to think that as technology advances, larger grow operations will start systematically integrating LED technology into their operations in an effort to increase their sustainability.

Advantages of LED grow lights over HID
  1. The main advantage of using LED grow lights is that they can be concentrated, preventing energy and light waste. A single LED light bulb may last between 50,000 and 1000,000 hours of continuous operation because LEDs have exceptionally long lifetimes. This is perfect for a growing operation since it ensures that the plants will always have a reliable source of light and reduces maintenance for the operator. Additionally, LED lighting is significantly better for the environment. Since there is no fragile glass bulb in an LED, there is no risk of it breaking at any point. Additionally, LEDs contain no mercury, lead, or gas. They are generally cooler to the touch and more adaptable and efficient.
  2. Color control is the second advantage. While HPS has a respectable spectrum, it is only one option. With LED, you can either go full spectrum with lots of reds and greens or add some common LED lights with strong blue wavelengths (400–600 nm) for more daytime hues.
  3. The decreased costs of HVAC are another advantage of employing LED grow lights. With LED grow lights, growers may use fewer watts to provide the same amount of light to their plants, which results in cheaper HVAC capital and operating expenses. Larger grow rooms won’t need as much air conditioning to keep them cool because LED lights are often much cooler to the touch and produce less heat than conventional lighting. Since it may be able to achieve perfect grow temperatures utilising only the heat produced by the LED grow lamps, smaller growing businesses may even wish to think about completely removing air conditioning from their grow setups.