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Lighting the Way with LED Light Suppliers in UAE

Are you looking for premium LED light suppliers in UAE? Look nowhere else! Your one-stop shop for the best LED lights in UAE to brighten your surroundings and improve your living is Prolux International. We take great pleasure in providing a wide variety of modern LED lighting solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications as a leading LED high bay light supply business in the UAE.

Why Choose Prolux International For LED Lights in UAE?

Unparalleled Product Selection: At Prolux International, we understand that every lighting need is unique. That's why we offer various LED lighting products suitable for multiple purposes. Whether you need energy-efficient LED bulbs for your home or high-intensity LED fixtures for large commercial spaces, our product catalogue covers you.

Premium Quality Assured: As a leading LED light suppliers in UAE, We think our consumers deserve nothing less than the best. As a result, we only purchase our LED lights from reliable suppliers that can guarantee they uphold the highest standards of quality. You will receive dependable and long-lasting lighting solutions because of our dedication to quality.

Expert Advice: Our team of lighting specialists is qualified to lead you through the selection process since they have years of industry expertise. Our specialists are always available to help, whether you need advice deciding which LED products are best for your needs or have specialized lighting requirements.

Energy-Efficient Solutions: Embrace sustainability and cost-effectiveness with our energy-efficient LED lighting options. LED lights are known for their significantly lower energy consumption compared to traditional lighting sources, leading to reduced electricity bills and a greener planet.

Our Range of Products: Buy LED Lights in UAE

Industrial Lighting: Outdoor LED lighting with a minimum Ingress protection rating of IP 65 is ideal for installation in high ambient temperatures. Designs that are resistant to the elements, and corrosion and appropriate for installation in maritime and coastal environments. Special coatings must be used for lighting fixtures deployed in maritime environments and on offshore sites. Major applications as warehouse lighting, Area floodlighting, Escape route lights, Roads and walkway lights, Boundary wall lights, Laboratory lighting etc. The key products suilable for these applications are LED High Bay lights, Explosion proof LED flood lights, LED Street lights, Weatherproof linears, Emergy EXIT lights etc.

Marine Lighting: We provide nautical lights that may be installed both inside and outside. For outside installations, there are marine flood lights, marine search lights, deck lights, bulkhead lights, etc. We also provide indoor architectural lighting for offshore lodging, yachts and ships, either in stock in the UAE or with a manufacturer wait time.

Sports and Stadium Lighting: LED sports lighting from Prolux International UAE offers the best visual treat for your sporting events. We are the distributor of Indoor sports lighting as well as outdoor sports lights. Our stadium lighting solutions are suitable for installations on grounds for football, cricket, baseball etc. We also have mid-range ground lights suitable for games like Hockey, Volleyball, Tennis etc. Prolux indoor sports lighting includes area lighting for badminton courts, squash courts etc. We also offer underwater lighting solutions for swimming pools as well.

Commercial Lighting: Complete lighting solution for commercial environments including offices, stores, showrooms, etc. Commercial lighting solutions from Prolux International UAE include light surveys, lighting designs, product selection, supply and installation.

LED : Upgrade your interior lighting setup with our versatile LED bulbsdownlight, panels, LED strips and LED linears.  available in various wattages, colour temperatures and designs. Experience brighter, more focused illumination while saving on energy costs.

Embrace the future of lighting with
Prolux International's modern LED lights in UAE. Upgrade your surroundings with energy-efficient, long-lasting LED lights and positively impact the environment.

Explore our various product ranges and discover the suitable LED lighting solutions for your needs. Contact us today and let us light up your world as a leading LED light suppliers in UAE.

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