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As the world advances in technologies, it is unavoidable that we have to enhance the security features for access controls to our home or workspace. Either your villa, or apartment, or office spaces, are you planning to upgrade the safety in access controls? Welcome to Prolux International, the leading supplier of reliable smart switches UAE & smart door lock systems in the UAE & India. Say goodbye to traditional key locking systems and uplift your home security with modern technology & intelligent door lock systems.

Is It The Right Choice To Opt For Smart Door Locks With Fingerprint?

Keyless Entry: Avoid the hassles of fumbling for keys or worrying about losing them. Smart door locks with fingerprint systems supplied by Prolux offer keyless entry, allowing you to unlock your door with your fingerprint through smartphone connectivity.

Enhanced Security: Fingerprint enables smart lock systems provide an additional layer of security to our houses and offices. With advanced biometric capturing, Door locks are secure, easier to use and need less maintenance. Fingerprints cannot be duplicated, and only authorized individuals can gain entry with their fingerprints. Prolux smart locks allows us the freedon to save more than 10 finfure prints, enabling hasselfree access for all family members.

Remote Access: Plannning to offer your unoccupied home for short terms rentals? We have the colutions to controls time period-based access. Prolux offered smart locks systems offer remove access set up and grading using wifi connected smart home apps. Whichever part of the world you are, we can grand access to your apartment using a pin code to an authorised person and the access period shall be peset for a duration aftetr which the passcode will become automatically inactive. This helps best in remotely operating your short terms rentals.

Activity Tracking: Keep track of door access history with activity logs. Our certified door locks with fingerprint provide detailed records of who enters or exits your property, giving you valuable insights for security purposes.

Face detection and video door bells (optional) : Advanced versions of Prolux smart lock systems includes features like automatic face detection systems as well as video doorbell facility. Camera on the door locks will auto recognize your face and will provide access. The video doorbell function will auto detect the presence of a person infront of the door, alert you through phone. It also allows you to communicate with the person. The best solutions to handle strangers, if your kids are  alone at home. 

Easy Installation and Integration: Our door locks are created to be installed quickly and seamlessly into your current door systems. Throughout the procedure, our team of professionals is here to help you.

Explore The Features Of Our Smart Doors System:

Fingerprint Recognition: Our smart door locks with fingerprint recognition make sure that only authorized users may enter adding an extra layer of security against unauthorized entry.

Smartphone Connectivity: Controlling your door lock in your smartphone for seamless and simple access, Smart locks allow a variety of connecting methods, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Keypad Access: Our keypad-enabled smart locks let you unlock the door by entering a pin code if you prefer a blend of traditional and technological access.

RFID Card Access: Simplify access control with RFID card technology. Our smart locks support RFID cards, enabling quick and secure entry for authorized users.

Face recognition system: Auto face detection by smart locks allows seamless access once you been identified as a registed member to access the door.

Prolux International, a well-known provider of smart locks in UAE and India, is dedicated to providing top-notch goods and first-rate customer support.

Unlock the potential of smart living and enhance your security with Prolux International's door lock supplier in UAE & India. Embrace the convenience, safety and elegance that our advanced technology brings to your doorstep. Upgrade your lifestyle today with our reliable smart door lock solutions in the UAE.

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