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e-MAG Smart switches from Prolux

Welcome to Prolux International, your smart switches in the UAE. Embrace the power of technology and elevate your living and working space with our modern, elegant range of smart switches. As a premier smart switches supplier in the UAE, we take immense pride in offering a comprehensive range of smart switches that add convenience, energy efficiency and elegance to your daily life.

Prolux is the authorized distributor for unique e-MAG smart switches manufactured by Leizur LTD, UK. The key features of Leizur e-MAG smart switches are as follows.

Why Choose e-MAG Smart Switches?

Self-Powered: Leizur e-MAG smart switches are one of their kind in terms of design as the switches are self-powered. No need to connect any power cable to the switches. The switches operate on the electromagnetic field (emf) produced in the “clicks” we make on the switches. 

Wireless RF signaling: Another unique feature of Leizue e-MAG switches distributed by Prolux is the switches are completely wirless and all the controls are done with radio frequency signals self-generated by the switches when we on/off it. This makes the switches best convenient for retrofit application, switches shall be fixed anywhere we wsih to with zero rewiring and no drilling / cutting on the walls.

Automatic Control: e-MAG Smart switches empower you to control your lighting and appliances with a tap on your smartphone or voice commands. Say goodbye to the days of manually operating switches; welcome a new era of convenience and simplicity.

Energy Efficiency: Save energy and reduce utility bills with our energy-efficient smart switches. Set schedules, timers and automation routines to ensure lights and devices are only active when needed, promoting sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Enhanced Security: Keep your home or office secure even when you're away. With our smart switches, you can remotely control lights, creating an impression that someone is present, and keeping your home safe from strangers.

Cost Savings: For newly built houses, appartments or commercial spaces, installation  of Leizur e-MAG switches will helps to reduce the spending on copper (power cables) by 30% compared to conventional wiring. No cable routing is to be done between the switches, DB and light fixtures. Only power cabling done will be between the DB and the lights. Switches being wireless, will communicate with Leizur wifi smart controllers connected in the light fixture wiring loop. 

Customized Settings: Configure your lighting preferences and provide the ideal ambience for every situation with personalized settings. Our smart switches allow you to establish the ambience that best matches your lifestyle thanks to their customizable dimming choices and color-changing capabilities.

Why Choose e-MAG Smart Switches?

Dimmable Pushbutton switches: On-off lights, open and cloe curtains, change the colour of RGB light strips, dim or bright ambient lighting all done with a simple “click”. e-MAG push button type smart wall switches allows all this with a soft touch. Available for indoor as well as outdoor installations.